Hard times…

From the path of glory, you may find yourself in the darkness of the pit,

You may think you are too good and absolutely dont deserve it,

But sometimes situations do evolve in tragedies,

Even soldiers end up in casualties……

Life is uncertain.  It does not guarantee good times forever.  While enjoying the sunshine , we should be prepared to face the storms also.
Dont waste time wondering why it happened to you. Instead focus on steps that can be taken to get out of that situation. You may wallow in self pity or get angry, sad or depressed. But that will only prolong your agony as without action your situation will not improve. What really matters is how well you walk through the fire.
The thought ,"  How bad it still could have been" gives me solace during turbulent times and " How good it can still become" keeps me motivated to keep trying..

Life will keep moving whether u choose to stay in the ditch or make efforts to climb your way out of it...

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