For all the things he has done to make me worry,

He rewards me with a Hug and a heartfelt Sorry…

I gave my son a silent treatment even though I dont believe in “Silence is better than a thousand words.” I personalily think we need to express ourselves for people to understand our feelings and emotions better.But like many other relationships, when I realise words are doing more harm than good I SHUT UP and give them time to realise their mistake and hopefully MISS me.

With great difficulty I controlled myself from hugging him back when he hugged me and kissed me before leaving for college. But I was genuinely very hurt when he back answered in a very rude tone. Like most teenagers who have practically replaced a family’s love for the bond with their mobile, even he does not like to be disturbed when he is enjoying his ME TIME which is practically all the time he spends at home.

I had firmly decided that I will not speak to him for days to make him realise the value of relationships and love of US HUMANS who are competing fiercely with the entertainment provided by these gadgets.Earlier watching television in the drawing room with the entire family commenting on the scenes and giving their inputs , this interaction and little fun brought the families together and now even television shows are seen in te privacy on the rooms increasing the distance between all.

But my firm decision vanished in thin air when I received this ..

No anger or hurt can keep a mom away from her son who seeks forgiveness realizing his mistake.

So I am sitting now thinking of a strategy that will make my son spend time with us and which does not require me to stop talking or being away from him πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I was reborn when you were born,

Earlier it was all about me, now I am only a MOM,

Everything has changed and will change some more,

But I will always run like an Ocean for you to find your shore….

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4 thoughts on “Mom..

  1. I guess kids will always be kids but this is very lovely 😍

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  2. He looks to be a fine young man. You are doing an excellent job!

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  3. Very sweet. I also understand you completely.


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