Give up…

Giving up is not always bad,
Sometimes you just have had enough,
On the grizzly cause, your grind always pays,
So value your peace and just step sideways...
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10 thoughts on “Give up…

  1. Sometimes life situations require us to step aside. Take a timeout to reflect on the circumstances we face. I appreciate your reminder Meena.

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  2. True that sometimes giving up or letting go is the best thing to do.

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  3. Giving up isn’t failure. Not being willing to try is. And yes, sometimes we have to make decisions that trying brings more detriment to us than good. Being brave enough to know that is success!

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    1. Absolutely.have wasted a lot of time I had gained the maturity of letting it go…

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  4. the power
    of fuck it
    and fuck off

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    1. Sounds like a Brian Blessed quote.

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  5. It’s always much more pleasant to step sideways and miss a turd, than step in it.

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