Erasing the sorrow from her wake,
Her journey began with a grave mistake,
But sweeping out of darkness and triumphing in her goal,
She reigned with pride without control...

We all make mistakes in life. Dont let them define you or people’s judgment stop you. People who judge aren’t flawless but just plain ignorant. Dont give powers in their hands to make you alter your dreams or challenge your actions.

It is your life and YOU and only YOU have the right to learn from your mistakes, judge your decisions and change your plans to suit your needs of the future. NO ONE comes to bear the repercussions of your deeds and even if well wishers do lend their shoulder to cry on, it is only YOU who suffer the loss..

So listen to all , even learn from them but ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART..

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10 thoughts on “Mistakes..

  1. An important truth eloquently shared. Well done! ❤

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  2. loved this, thank you for this message

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    1. U r most welcome and thanks for reading and appreciating it😊


      1. My pleasure. Happy holidays

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  3. one more time around that calendar is all

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  4. It really is best to do what you want and shrug others’ expectations off your hsoulders. It’s not alwasy easy to do this, but I think it’s best. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating it dear😊

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  5. So profound and instructive.


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