In search of peace and happiness,

One went to the temple, the other went to the bar,

One got intoxicated with spiritual peace and blissfulness,

And the other one was blessed with temporary voluntary madness…..

Stress is an integral part of our lives. Our lives are full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations and demands. It is so easy to head down the wrong path searching for some immediate peace and tranquility to equip ourselves to face all the pressures of life.

In this fast paced world of instant noodles, instant messaging we all are looking for a quick fix. Fast relief that can sway us away from all the existing problems of our life and melt away all the stress fast.

Some level headed people take the harder path that may not give instant relief but is beneficial incresing our will power and provide peace without destroying our system. Whereas some plunge into the intoxication of alcohol, drugs which may make them forget their problems temporarily but destroys our bodies and creates a havoc in our lives. Your problem still persist and your ability to solve also diminished due to your weakened senses.

What you actually need to combat stress is peace of mind that can be achieved by meditation, talking to closed ones ,counseling or even selfless service helping the needy. These are the methods that will make you feel good about yourself making you confident and a determined human being.

The best cure to moving fast is to slow down..

Medically u may choose allopathy over homeopathy but in life choose a holistic way of life eliminating the root cause of all problems instead of numbing your senses temporarily…..

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9 thoughts on “Choices…

  1. fr eric is hard core
    and what s more
    they need him there!

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  2. Merry Christmas🏕🎅🌲

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    1. Merry Christmas to u and ur family dear


  3. Alcohol and drugs make a person life more miserable rather than fixing it.

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    1. True..thanks for reading dear😊


  4. 👌Nothing but the truth.

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