Everyone cracks under pressure,
It's how you react and how you fix them that makes you who you are....

Whenever something stressful happens in my life I tend to overthink and at most times overreact too. My outburst is usually not the reaction not to that particular situation, but a cumulative effect of all the things going on in my mind that are bothering me making me feel inadequate and helpless. And in anger I blurt out hurtful things to people I love that make feel guilty even after the matter is resolved.

Different people react to the similar situations differently according to their mental make up but their reactions should not hurt people and scar them forever. It is rightly said that words once uttered can only be forgiven but never forgotten. I myself still remember some painful statements made by my loved ones in my childhood and my determination to not make such mistakes ever. Now going through life, even though I understand and have even forgiven them for saying the things they did, but am guilty of doing the same to my own loved ones.

So this time my new year resolution is that however bad the situation is or however stressed I feel, I will stay calm. More the stress even more the silence is my goal now.

The ultimate measure of your wisdom and strength is how calm u keep yourself under stress.

So I will taste my words before spitting them out coz tension and stress is no justification for venom that we spill out causing so much damage to our precious relationships..

God Bless You all…..

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12 thoughts on “Cracks…

  1. Very wise words Meena.

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  2. Very wise! I wish you to achieve all your goals! Have a wonderful new year!

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  3. I applaud you for this decision and know that those around you will reap the benefits. It helps me, when I’m ready to explode, to just walk away, find a quiet place, and internally talk myself down. I hope you have great success with your resolution!

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    1. Thanks a lot Jos.what I find difficult is to quieten my internal dialogue even when I am consciously trying to calm down.
      Happy new year to u and ur family dear

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  4. Not many people are introspective enough to recognize their own shortcomings. And even then, fewer are willing to address them when they are recognized. I applaud your desire to be better in the New Year and know that your efforts will meet with success!

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    1. Thanks a lot Brad.Happy new year to u and ur family dear

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      1. I hope 202 will be the best year ever for you and the kids! Thank you for your kindness, support, and love! ❤

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  5. True that sometimes we say bitter words to our loved ones which we regret later.

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  6. what! when? where?>
    why what why do i still care
    with them everywhere.!

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