Harsh truths ..

Guilt comes after self-realization,

Criticism only breeds rebellism. …

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8 thoughts on “Harsh truths ..

  1. Good slogan but so rare case human can control his/her self.

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  2. the elias randall
    before you accuse me
    take a look at yourself!

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  3. I agree with this! Self reflection can be difficult sometimes

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  4. True

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  5. I don’t think criticism breeds rebellion. It may, but mostly it does not.
    Think about this. If a child does something wrong, it becomes the parents’ duty to criticize the child and show him/her the right way.
    Not criticizing the child will make him/her grow up as a criminal or bully.
    Criticize, but constructively. Don’t ignore or stop fair criticism.

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    1. Instead of criticism,gently pointing out mistakes also works doesn’t it?

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      1. Yes. It should work. I believe that’s a part of constructive criticism..

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      2. True..But I believe more in positive reinforcement..But I guess constructive criticism would work too if a person is sensible enough to understand the difference and motive behind it

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