If you want to escape life’s deceitful mornings,

If you want your heart to heal and your soul to repair,

Remove the toxic people without even a warning,

And save yourself from speechless grief and dark despair……

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14 thoughts on “Peace…

  1. Great advice and well said!

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  2. No room for the toxic people!

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  3. Heĺlo

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  4. Well said, this is something I had to do to find peace within my self x

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  5. you can always try to save one of them along with yourself right? not everybody can save themselves all the time

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  6. True ..but what if they enjoy their toxic nature and dont want to be rescued?


  7. So true! Toxic relationships only bring you down and can prevent you from achieving great things. “The one walking with the wise will become wise, But the one who has dealings with the stupid will fare badly.” (Proverbs 13:20)

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