Truth can be very liberating,

Even when lies may protect you keeping you safer,

A moment of honesty can be intoxicating,

You are weaving a web of lies now, but will regret it later,

People dont get fooled by your lies,

Each one of them is very wise,

But they always stay in the dark without a clue,

Coz they get fooled by the trust they have in you….

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4 thoughts on “Lies..

  1. truth be told
    no need to remember
    what you said
    cos it is still back
    there in the recesses of ya head!

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  2. But ……
    If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.🤔
    Oscar Wilde

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  3. So true, nobody actually believes most lies… they just pretend to because they don’t want to deal with confronting us.

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    1. We get fooled only coz we choose to either coz of our affection or to give them some happiness 😄

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