When her small vice overshadowed all her perfection,

And her bad found a perfect occasion to rebel,

HOPE kept her in the glowing constellation,

Coz a flawed diamond is better than a perfect pebble….

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8 thoughts on “Confidence..

  1. she gave up the right
    for flight
    as a mom
    and now how
    she finds
    the time and space
    for something else
    is amazing.!


  2. Very beautiful, you are a minimalist word user (I mean that in a nice way) and yet you get the job done, you convey your message.

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  3. I like the diamond – pebble analogy.

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    1. Thanks..had read it somewhere years back .

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  4. Well said! We are all like a flawed piece of a gemstone. However, it still has the ability to reflect upon us in a positive way.

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  5. True.thanks a lot for reading and appreciating the post dear😊


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