Happy Birthday Ma..

Mom, it’s your birthday today,

So I miss you even more,

I wish I could borrow you from heaven for just one day,

And celebrate this day like we did before,

You were always precious,

And now your memories are really priceless,

You were always humble and so very gracious,

My heart still beats, but without you I feel lifeless,

I wish I could meet you just one last time,

To see you , there is no mountain I would not climb,

There is no drug that can ease my pain,

Coz I know I will never get to see you again,

With you there, even heaven must be brighter and sunny,

I hope all the Angel’s celebrate this special day well,

With lots of love I wish you , ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY “

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23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ma..

  1. Happy Birthday to your mother, and happy for you.

    Stay Frosty gentess.
    It means stay cool, collected. your senses vivid and more… Heard that from a U.S Marine that became my friend, I thought it was brilliant his saying to the others behind him, long story so happy birthday to mom, gotta love mothers.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear..I read your post and was just thinking what does stay frosty means and u just answered it .God is great

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  2. Happy Birthday dear to your mother, Hi dear friend, I hope you are doing well. I have nominated you for the blogger recognition award. I hope you will happily accept my invitation. Your acceptance will be an honor to me. Thank you so kind. The link for the ward is: https://idealinspiration.net/?p=221

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    1. Thanks a lot dear ..for ur greetings and the nomination.It is an honour to me to be nominated by such a talented and inspiring writer.Thanks

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      1. Thanks dear for accepting my nominee invitation. I am so glad you have accepted my invitation. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ’ž

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  3. Happy heavenly birthday to your Mother, with my mum and sister there I’m sure they are having an awesome Angel party x


  4. She rests on in power. Be consoled by the lovely memories of her.

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  5. What a beautifully written testament to your Mother! She must be looking down on you with such pride in the woman you have become!

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  6. Happy birthday to your mother. Very touching post. Unfortunately, death is inevitable, everyone has to face this one day.

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    1. Thanks Manoj.yes..death is inevitable and so is the void it leaves in the heart of the living ones.


  7. Happy Birthday to your mother.

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  8. With a loving daughter like you on earth I am sure angels would be have celebrated her birthday in heaven πŸ’•
    My mother’s is on the 14th February πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.14th Feb.. awesome.will wish her on that day.

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      1. Who knows both the moms would be celebrating together up there somewhere πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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  9. Sorry for your loss. Stay strong.😊

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      1. You are most welcome.

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