Harsh truth…

We may have learnt not to expect as expectations bring sorrow,

But most of us never cease to get disappointed and sometimes even regret the time and efforts wasted on the wrong relationships….

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5 thoughts on “Harsh truth…

  1. Well, I have nothing to share at the moment. 😶
    But most people waste their time and energy on wrong relationships and repent later.

    As einstein has explained the theory of relativity which states that every object releases an amount of energy that is directly proportional to multiplication of its mass and speed of light. (E = Mc²)
    It’s a huge amount of energy
    For ex: if an object has
    Mass = 10g
    Speed of light = 300,000 kmps
    Formula E =Mc²
    E = 10 × (300,000)²
    E = 10 × 90,000,000,000
    E = 900,000,000,000 Joule

    Oh my God, this is a huge amount of energy. Just think we as a human can do if we utilize this energy for the right thing. Isn’t it?

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    1. Absolutely. Agree with u completely

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  2. Seven Reasons for Falling For the Wrong Guy!

    1. Fear of being alone.

    2. You may not have given any thought to your relationship deal breakers (what you won’t tolerate or get on your nerves)

    3. You think you can change him.

    4. You have not figured out what you need in life, independent of relationships.

    5. You choose guys with eerily similar qualities.

    6. You may be afraid of commitment without even knowing it.

    7. You don’t think you deserve better!

    And you’re thinking, you is this “know it all” posting this “nickel & dime” psychobabble!?

    Well! I got it from a HUFFPOST article and I hate HUFFPOST!

    One reason to chuck the whole reply!

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    1. Bang on..sometimes we hang on to the toxic relationship coz of low self esteem and scared that the next may be worse

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  3. wasted time
    like words that do not rhyme
    bitter taste
    bent on moving on and over and away

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