Harsh facts…

We tend to over accommodate and often forgive the tantrums of people we love even without pointing out their mistakes or the adjustments and sacrifices we make for them,

And then we complain they take us for granted….

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15 thoughts on “Harsh facts…

  1. You have a great life experience. 😮

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  2. so very true, bad behaviour needs boundaries coz spoilt brats can become criminals …

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  3. yes the
    test is
    and water

    thick and thin
    and distances
    as for the rest
    no thanks

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  4. I do suffer from what you said, to accomodate others for their mistakes….it was long ago, it still happens once in a while though. But once I see them as my enemy, I´ll play along in civilian world and the other BS, but I already have a plan A to Z, so I learned that quite some time ago but I don´t apply it until is necessary then they go down. You said something in my post about this medal of honour…told you I did serve infantry combat role so here goes the other video that is more clarifying for you( (as you asked) but I´m sure the first one was pretty clarifying and a great tribute, to pay homage to the other ones
    Hit it Meeeeena!

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  5. Hello


  6. Sometimes life asks us to look into the mirror before we act or speak. Self-reflection is an effective teacher.

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  7. I totally agree. Love begats respect. If I truly love you, I put your feelings first.

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  8. That is true… it is better to try and communicate as much as we can both the parties can benefit from it.


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