Harsh truth.

Most of us accept the painful situations of our lives and consider ourselves blessed after witnessing someone in more pain than us..

So I was feeling very low about things I had to live with and had no control over. Finally after wallowing in self pity for some time I decided to go for a walk in a garden. After a few minutes of walking I saw an old lady limping and her facial expression showed that she must be in terrible pain and wanted to stop and sit somewhere but the man walking with her was telling her walking for a little while will help in blood circulation and help the healing process. As I crossed her I thanked God for my health.

And as I went ahead I saw a man talking on the phone. I overheard his conversation passing him and he was complaining about how difficult life has become after he lost his job and how hard he is trying to get new one. And I thanked God for giving me a life where I don’t have to worry about my financial problems as much.

I realized that if we are healthy and have food on our table, we are truly blessed.

So though I had entered the garden with the gloomy face, my exit had a smile on my face, gratitude in my heart and with a fighting spirit to face all the problems in my life courageously.

Stay blessed all..!!!

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26 thoughts on “Harsh truth.

  1. very nice very true and very good!

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  2. Right meena! Well You are looking beautiful while walking!!😍

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      1. You are welcome!!😊😘

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  3. It’s true that many don’t have what we have.

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  4. This is profound Meena. We don’t know how blessed we are until we see what others are going through.


  5. I no longer have my health, and because my husband who is also my career is ill at the moment I don’t have a lot of food in my fridge, yes sure I can go online and order some food, but that is easy, but I will make a meal from what we have left, because I am blessed that I have my life and that I do have some food in the fridge and as long as we have love and life we can feed our family. ( I hope that makes sense, I sometimes struggle with what im trying to say) Beautiful picture also of you x

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.I love it optimism and attitude towards life.i usually panic when the situations get tough but with age I think I am learning to ignore the problems and count my blessings.Besides the fact is we have no control over things in life,and since we have to experience it anyways , cribbing won’t reduce the problems , so why not try to gaC them with a smile.


  6. So true Meena. We should be thankful for what we have rather than cribbing.

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  7. Hi Meena, I hope you are doing great. I have nominated you for the Bee Love Award. I hope you will like and accept my nomination. Thank you kindly. The link for the award is. https://idealinspiration.blog/2020/01/27/bee-love-award/

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.i truly appreciate it..


  8. True Meena. One needs to practice gratitude in life.

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  9. Beautiful smile

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      1. Your smile is damn cute and pretty awesome.

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      2. So sweet indeed…

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  10. I applaud your piece, because it needs to be said and understand our most important gifts,are right before our eyes, everything we have as far as senses,touch,taste, feel, vision,health is the greatest wealth, peace and the best always to you

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  11. Hi


  12. A wonderful post. ✨


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