Its not a favour that they love you,

They are only fulfilling their deep desire to love,

And then they expect you to make a barter deal,

And love them back no matter how you really feel,

But love is a promise of unconditional commitment,

Love is an inspiration, not an obligation or a return on your investment…..

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9 thoughts on “Love…

  1. It is true in an ideal world! But here we expect some love in return. And when we don’t get any we are all heartbroken.

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    1. True..But I feel we love people not coz they need it but coz loving them makes us happy.and that is why we keep loving them even after being hurt coz we r getting some happiness from loving them.and then we we stop getting the happiness we move on.I agree with u too Sadje but I am trying to do is not expecting anything in return.though it is difficult but worth a try isn’t it.

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      1. That’s true. I think the only selfless love in this world is that of parents. Though they also expect something in return, like love or gratitude. Or at least acknowledgement!
        But do try for selfless love. It’s a noble ambition.

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  2. True. It takes two to tango. Love isn’t what it is when it comes with conditions attached.

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  3. Beautiful

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      1. Pleasure


  4. really true meeena..

    If there is a condition in love, then it is not love
    love is unconditionally…
    and pure… most beautiful feeling in the world…


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