Live happily…

Every episode of joy in your life is not a signal of impending sorrow,

Misery often shows up when fear and insecurity lurks beneath the calm exterior,

Dont be afraid of being too happy, nothing tragic is waiting to happen,

Enjoy whatever the present brings before the stress makes you tiresome,

Always live for today coz tomorrow may or may not come…..

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20 thoughts on “Live happily…

  1. Such powerful words! The first line is such a great truth!

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  2. Highly positive!!!

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I admit that I’m highly guilty of waiting for the other shoe to drop! Excellent advice that I need to listen to!

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    1. This post was a note to myself too coz even I get into such stupid thoughts and restrict my happiness…


  4. I noticed this morning that I always hide my facial expressions behind restraint. Being afraid of being too happy, maybe. Or letting people know that I am happy, or angry, or sad. I’ve decided to work on it.

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    1. I used to feel my happiness is jinxed as it is always followed by mu shedding tears for something or the other.i am.still working on overcoming this actually coz yesterday I was happy and I actually told myself to stop getting very excited se I don’t want to cry later.That got me writing this post actually

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that happens. Now that you recognize it though, you’ll be able to slowly make changes

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      2. Yes..m.detemined to overcome this..

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  5. heavy day
    happy way
    no matter

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  6. Sweet counsel. We should learn to live a little

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  7. true true true… the writer meena๐Ÿ˜Š


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