Being human…

Sometimes you need to tarnish your halo,

To get that forbidden happy glow,

Sometimes it’s better to be happy than being right,

And make the burden of regret light,

In the struggle between an angel and a demon,

Just strive to be a fallible human….

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23 thoughts on “Being human…

  1. Wonderful thoughts. Very wise too

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      1. You’re welcome 😉

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  2. Are we Gods aspiring to be Human, or Humans aspiring to be Gods?

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    1. We are just human beings trying to be human

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      1. Pleasure Meena 😊

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  3. Nice and beautiful thought 😊

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  4. The truth of your words is almost overwhelming!

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  5. sin and then
    the forgive
    is to let
    the memory

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  6. इतने प्यारे शब्द आते कहाँ से है आपके दिमाग में मीना, amazing

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