Endings may be painful,

Everything may seem excruciating, extremely ungrateful,

But don’t forget dreams are renewable,

Very doable and unmisconstruable,

Faith gives strength when we feel we have none,

If clouds don’t drop, they definitely meet the Sun,

Count your life with smiles always,

Coz winds going to come and blow your blues away…..

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8 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. I think there is always an ending to anything in life, be it relationships, jobs, anything. They might last more or less but the ending is always there. Plus at the end of the day there is only one certainty in life, we die. That is the ultimate ending so we might as well take the time and smile on or way down.

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    1. True.m on the verge on ending something and needed the hope


      1. There is always hope, I only know something simple- If I´m not happy be it a relationship or a job(not so much since I do need money so I´ll take whatever comes with the job) so relationships if they are not good for me, I just cut it and don’t look back. It´s pointless to look back nothing is going to change and the person is going to be unhappy. So I move on and there are other relationships out there.

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      2. True but it is this transition phase that’s more painful and scary though I know we get used to it eventually


      3. I know it has to be painful, but time is a great healer, the shorter the time the better though. I just (4 days ago) left a relationship with a girl after 10 years. That’s quite the time. Is it easy no, but I´m pretty good at compartmentalizing things. I did it with my army experience so I do it with every day to day normal life things. I just put it on a box, and move to the task at hand. Doesn’t mean that at times those boxes open and you feel the pain, but at least for me it works and doesn’t keep me paralyzed nor being down. I´m just weird. I truly loved this girl, but it was not reciprocal at the end of the relationship. So one move on. There is no other choice but to move on.

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  2. We fear new things and changes because they force us to face the unknown. And in the unknown there can be feast or famine. The fear remains until we can fashion some idea of what lies ahead, but we are not always correct in our view of the future. No one learns to not have fear, the brave just move forward in spite of it. Stay brave! Much love! ❤

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    1. Thanks a lot Brad.needed the encouraging words😊

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  3. a powerful four letter word

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