Situations test us on the brink of uncertainty,

What sails us through is optimism even during adversity,

Nothing in nature blooms all year,

Face the challenges without a sad look or a solemn tear,

Whats yours will find you somehow,

You had learnt to sow, now you will learn to plow..

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16 thoughts on “Hope..

    1. Thanks a lot Sadje. It’s a note to myself .I just hope I never forget this.

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  1. Your writing continues to impress! You are a beautiful soul!

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  2. Well written, especially “whats yours will find you somehow” such a great line. Loved it.

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      1. https://abuddingspark.wordpress.com/2020/02/09/sunshine-blogger-award/ Hiii meena, I am honoured to nominate you for sunshine blogger award. Hope you accept it. Keep going. 😊✌

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      2. Thanks a lot dear.its an honour for me..

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      3. I am very much honoured to nominate you. Hope you accepted it?

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      4. Of course .How can I not accept such an honour

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      5. Aww, thanks again.😊

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  3. Beautifully written 😊

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