Money or love…

Rich people say money is not important, love is,

And people without money say they need money to keep their loved ones happy and make their lives comfortable…

Money may not be able to buy true love but fake ones will always shower their artificial affection in greed of money


Love may not be able to able to make you rich with cash but can definitely enrich your life with joyous moments of companionship reducing your urge or even need to acquire more money..

The fact is that the grass is always greener on the other side and we humans will constantly crave for what we don’t have instead of being great ful for the things we do have.

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24 thoughts on “Money or love…

  1. No one.

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  2. Reducing your urge to acquire more money, I love that line. That urge if care is not taken can steal your moments. You’d always live thinking about the future and never enjoying what you have. Great piece.

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  3. Nothing but the truth. This is thought-provoking.

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  4. So much in this

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  5. so true meena..
    well written Writer Sahiba

    Money is needed only for our daily needs,
    but the need of true love is heart, mind, feelings, body and most important soul.
    No any other relationship can be complete without love..।।
    everything is depends on love and feelings..

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      1. most welcome meena😊
        god bless you and your family

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  6. Wonderful post we lack gratitude

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  7. There is a book called the geography of bliss. It describes what makes many countries or cities happy. I’d you like travel and sociology, you may like it 😊. I need to read it again.

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    1. Would love to read it.Thanks dear😊

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  8. Meena, I enjoyed your discussion. When the love of money buries one, the fragileness of true love is overwhelmed and may be swept away.

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    1. Thanks dear.Life needs both to run smoothly I guess then

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  9. I agree with most what you say.
    Differ a bit on what the rich think: They definitely consider money very very important and also think they can but Love with money…and the continue to have this notion till they don’t!

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    1. I agree but they are hypocrites too who say money isn’t too important though deep in their heart they know they disgree

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  10. Haha. This conversation can go on and on. But really, both are equally important.

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    1. And happy life is finding balance between the two

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  11. One of the biggest problems with money is that once you have achieve the level you thought was right, you start to think it is not enough. Therefore, you are always chasing it.

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