Sad truth…

Sometimes the fear of being all alone in life makes us cling on to people who make us feel lonely and sad even being with them.

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18 thoughts on “Sad truth…

  1. So true. Love your writing.

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  2. Very true! The solution is to develop the art of “Loving own company”!
    Wrote something on similar tone here:सानिध्य-स्वयं-का/

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  3. Oh how true

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  4. four letter
    hither and yon
    from john

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  5. This is amazing, so inspiring since i just got out of a relationship myself.

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  6. absolutely true meena


    There are probably some compulsions in this sometimes.

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  7. I couldn’t agree more! I did the same thing when I was being bullied. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that now.

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    1. Completely understand.I know a few people who are stuck with the bullies and are helpless to make a decision coz their decision affects many others and they don’t wAnt get hurt in the bargain.

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      1. Exactly! You couldn’t have said that better! 💯

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  8. Could connect so much with that thought. And the worst part is, that sometimes we stay under the illusion that those people who make us feel bad are actually our friends and maybe it’s us who are at fault. But then again, loneliness isn’t really the best of experiences, but I guess sometimes it’s better to be at zero than go down the negetive mark.
    Nice thought, really liked it 👍


    1. Thanks a lot experience in life is it’s better to be lonely than to be sad in the end we all are lonely coz people move away as soon as their priority changes …Have a nice day and stay safe😊


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