Nothing is forever lost if you are still alive,

Nothing is broken beyond repair if you are still breathing,


You will conquer all if you keep believing…

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12 thoughts on “Faith..

      1. have nominated you for the Mystery blogger award. Hope you accept it.

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  1. Great words of encouragement.

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  2. the sole
    is eternal

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  3. Excellent motivating words ……

    Just Believe

    Man, shit I try my best
    Nobody here for me to try and impress
    I’d rather chase a dream
    Than be content to sit behind a desk
    I used to live with the highest stress
    But fuck it, I digress
    Just believe

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    1. Thanks a lot dear😊.You are absolutely right.after spending a couple of very stressed months living in fear I have realised the importance of peace and happiness and also the art of letting go.

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  4. Words that bring the dead man alive

    Precious words dear meena…

    god bless you always😊

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    1. Thanks a lot Hasan. God bless u too

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  5. Great description of faith! It rings with truth and genuineness.

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