A random feeling of happiness followed by an ugly bout of sadness,
Maybe it's universe's way of preparing you for life's madness,
Just smile and let the tough phase pass by,
It won't change anyways , so stop asking whyyyy,
Always hope for the best , but be prepared for the worse too,
Coz God does answer every prayer, but there is a veryyyyyy longggg queue....

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15 thoughts on “Life..

  1. Delightfully playful and irreverent! Loved this! ❤

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  2. flue the que
    me or you
    from bull

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  3. Delightfully charming poetry. Nicely penned Meena

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  4. very nice poem meena ji,

    Prayers are stored with God forever,,,,
    and God provides us according to our need.
    It is also necessary to accumulate prayers in life

    God bless you and your family always😊😊

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    1. God bless u and ur family too Hasan😊

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      1. thanks Alotz Meena😊😊

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  5. Yeah it’s a que that requires patience 😌

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