A listening ear…

All she wanted was a listening ear,

All she ever got was a preachy mouth,

And when she got tired of their advising sound of fear,

All the superficial relations started going south…..

Sometimes all we need is a listening ear, a holding hand and an understanding heart to pull you through the difficult times. Someone to simply be there, without giving any advice or their opinions on your issues …

Coz you are not really looking for a Messiah who would make your problems disappear .Just someone who would understand ur choices even if they do not agree with them and do not thrust their own beliefs and perspectives on you.

So don’t lead your life based on someone else’s thoughts and opinions. Always live by what you think is right. It is so rightly said ,” Personal dignity is measured by the yardstick of your own conscience and not with that of other people’s judgement ” .

Noone can really feel your pain. They can only feel sorry for you. Just because people don’t agree with your decisions don’t make them wrong.

Coz In the end everything does not have to make sense. It just has to make you HAPPY…

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12 thoughts on “A listening ear…

  1. So true sometimes all you need is someone there for you… Just to listen what you are trying to say. Beautifully written my friend😊💞

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  2. heard on my grapevine~

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  3. A lovely sentiment and beautifully written! Well done, Meena!

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  4. So true, all we often need is someone to listen to us without prejudice

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  5. beautiful beautiful written.. Meena

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  6. Wow well said


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