” NO ” , she finally said one day after always agreeing with him for everything,

And hell broke loose and SHE had to learn to live a full life of nothing…….

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14 thoughts on “Relationships…

  1. men to women
    boys to girls

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  2. agree with beautiful words Meeenaa


  3. this is so heart felt -well portrayed

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      1. My absolute pleasure

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  4. Sad and poignant. But a touching post

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  5. Sad post, but too often true! Once people get used to us agreeing with them all the time, they come to expect it! Then when we finally grow a spine, they get offended.

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    1. Yes..And then all the times we must have sacrificed just to please them by agreeing with them goes waste

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      1. That’s right. Because they end up hurting us anyway.

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