Prayers may not be able to change Destiny,

But they give you the courage to face what’s pre written,

And teach you to dance to life’s complex melody,

Coz even if you don’t have the power to control your fate,

But the rules of facing life can always be re written….

Hello Friends,

I have a small request to make . My brother and my sister in law have been tested positive for Covid 19 and if you all can spare a few moments from your life to pray for their health and safety, it would really mean a lot to me.

Thanks a lot…

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33 thoughts on “Prayers….

  1. Praying for them. God’s peace to you.❤

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    1. Thanks a lot dear Suzette❤️

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  2. I am sorry to hear of your situation. I will include them in my prayers, along with you and the kids. Stay strong and stay safe! ❤🙏

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    1. Thanks a lot dear Brad.It really means a lot to me

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  3. Definitely! Everything will be fine 🙏prayers !

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  4. Stay strong and Take care💕

    Don’t forget to Glee and spread sparkles ✨
    -Nani 💖

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  5. dance macbre
    so dark
    it left the park~

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  6. That belief can. move mountains – well said

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      1. My absolute pleasure

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  7. this is shocking news Meena..
    but don’t worry Dear
    everything will be fine soon🙏🙏
    I Will pray for quick recovery..🙏🙏

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  8. 💐❤️prayer is most powerful❤️💐

    💐❤️I will definitely pray💐❤️

    💐❤️God bless you and your family ❤️💐

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    1. Thanks.God bless u and your family too🙏

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  9. Will pray for them both Meena. God bless always.

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  10. Sad to hear… praying God to make everything fine…take care

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  11. Reminder set to do that tonight. The poetry is deep and encouraging.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.Really means a lot to me🙏


  12. Hope your brother and sister-in-law get well soon.

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  13. Both are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. Recently, I had family endure the agony of being infected with Covid, and they are now out of danger. God’s peace!

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    1. Thanks a lot dear.M glad ur family are out of danger now..God bless u all.


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