Her Mother passed away suddenly,

Death had taken her by surprise,

But Dad waited eagerly for his time,

Journey beyond the veil was his desired prize,

And who was once their little princess was now so deep in sorrow,

That all her dawns were breaking into a gray tomorrow,

She always missed her those days of pleasure,

Their memories were now her most valued treasure,

She kept drowning in the darkness each day,

Trapped in the web of life, fighting every inch of the way,

Noone really understood how she felt or even cared,

Of what she did or how she fared,

She kept crying through her silent screams,

And falling apart at the seams,

She wished she could close her eyes and forever sleep,

But she knew she had too many promises yet to keep,

So she learnt to live with a fake smile on her face,

And with a scarred soul no treatment could erase,

But no one heard her ever complain,

Coz she knew one day she will meet “THEM” again…..

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12 thoughts on “Memories..

  1. snare
    why not!?

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  2. Well penned! Touching !

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  3. Beautifully written, Meena! It immediately touched me deeply. One of your best! I am now torn between the sadness of your words and the elation at seeing your artistry and talents shine so brightly.

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  4. so heart touch – lovely words, Meena

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